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As a long established family business, Steroplast is recognised as the brand leader and associated with the very best quality. All their products go through a series of quality inspections, and carry the essential "CE" mark - the guarantee that each and every product exceeds the stringent quality standards required in the healthcare sector.

  • Allows easy access to supplies whilst holding contents in place
  • Contents help you deal with situations when first on the scene
  • Superior quality microporous tape ideal for securing dressings
  • Strong hypoallergenic adhesive provides safety & security
  • Premium non-woven dressings provide maximum comfort
  • Vapour-permeable to significantly reduce skin maceration
  • Stretch 100% cotton bandages provide comfort and support
  • Soft, supple material enables bandage to conform to body
  • Branded fabric plasters in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Quality fabric construction ensures excellent conforming properties
  • Blue tubular bandage suitable for catering environments
  • Exceptional support for soft tissue pains, sprains & dislocations
  • Soft pad aids healing & perforated film provides painless removal
  • Suitable for various wound types, available in various sizes
  • Thicker, more absorbent pad decreases need for dressing changes
  • Ideal for more serious wounds as it meets NHS specifications
  • Quality wound dressings designed to meet HSE & NHS standards
  • Strong & stretchy dressing, often used by medical professionals
  • Hypoallergenic sterile washproof plasters from Steroplast
  • Gentle on the skin to reduce allergic reactions and skin irritation
  • Advanced Hydrogel construction promotes rapid healing
  • Waterproof and breathable - wear for up to 5 days!
  • Blue Detectable washproof tape ideal for catering environments
  • ‘Spool and cap’ container protects tape from moisture
  • Suitable for all skin types with clear backing material
  • Water resistant, hypoallergenic plasters - ideal for everyday use
  • Dual purpose station ensures bottles are protected from dust
  • Hold under the chin during application to collect excess eyewash
  • Ideal for finger support whilst allowing easy movement with this elasticated fabric
  • Supplied in a high quality spool & cap dispenser
  • Extra long plasters provide added adhesion to treat cut fingers
  • Choose from fabric, washproof and blue varieties
  • Hypoallergenic material ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers
  • Supplied in a high quality spool & cap dispenser for measured usage
  • High visibility eye care kit allows easy identification and access
  • Supplied in a durable clear polypropylene box for quick stock checks
  • Finest quality fabric with zinc oxide adhesive ensures durability
  • Material stretches for user comfort and conforms to body contours
  • Durable, sterile plasters designed for maximum user comfort
  • Allows wound to breathe, creating a quicker healing process
  • Premium quality plasters supplied in a compartmentalised box
  • Easy identification of correct size and shape of plaster
  • Affordable, waterproof alternative to standard microporous tapes
  • Hypoallergenic, perforated construction conforms to the body
  • Superior quality plasters from reputable brand Steroplast
  • Adhesive backing provides protection with minimal trauma to skin
  • Premium closure strips ensure cuts are quickly closed and healed
  • Suitable for sealing cuts, lacerations & minor surgical incisions
  • High quality bandages with excellent conforming properties
  • Exceptional construction to reduce the risk of bandage fraying
  • 0.9% saline solution is ideal for eye washing applications
  • Easy to squeeze, soft plastic bottles are single use only
  • 0.9% saline solution is ideal for eye irrigation & wound washing
  • Pods are manufactured from soft, easy to squeeze plastic
  • Bright blue ultra detectable plasters for catering applications
  • Sterile plasters with subtle strip to provide metal detectability

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