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First Aid Consumables

Our extensive range of first aid consumables are ideal for restocking First Aid Kits and ensuring that you have the first aid you need, when you need it. From our bestselling Value Aid ranges including Assorted Sterile Plasters, Low Adherent Dressings, Sterile Dressings and Microporous Tape, to our range of premium products such as 3M Transpore Surgical Plastic Tape, Wallace Cameron Sterile DressingsPremium Elastic Adhesive Bandages.

  • A range of tapes for dressing retention and sporting injuries
  • Full range of tapes, including Microporous & Plastic varieties
  • Bandages to provide support, compression and for secure dressings
  • Wide range of materials and sizes, from standard to premium
  • A full range of dressings for general first aid applications
  • Essential items for replenishing all types of first aid kit
  • An extensive selection of plasters in various grades and prices
  • Available in Fabric, Washproof and Blue Detectable varieties
  • Use wool to apply ointment or as padding when dressing wounds
  • Choose from rolls, balls, buds and swab sticks to suit your needs
  • Disposable and reusable instruments for first aid and medical applications
  • Includes Tweezers, Scalpels, Forceps, Scissors & Safety Pins
  • Essential items that ever first aid or medical room needs
  • Includes cups, bowls, kidney dishes, tongue depressors and more
  • Provides quick and easy identification of first aid staff
  • Constructed from high quality enamel with a pin fastening
  • Ensure patients and visitors can remain hydrated
  • Easily dispense hot or cold drinks
  • Allows for fast identification of first aiders in an office environment
  • Ideal for open plan offices
  • First aid items for treating finger injuries
  • A selection of bandages, dressings and tapes for handling common accidents
  • Train staff in the theoretical and practical elements of first aid
  • Range includes resuscitation manikins and mini training packs
  • A versatile topical irrigation and wound cleansing system
  • Remove debris and bacterial matter without touching the wound

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