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Eyewash Kits & Stations

  • 0.9% sterile saline eye wash bottles with a unique eyebath cap
  • Allows eyes to be thoroughly irrigated with minimal wastage
  • Ensures eye wash facilities are on hand when needed most
  • Durable plastic case stands up to workplace environments
  • Keeps eye wash clean and highly visible in workplace environments
  • Clear door permits easy stock-checking of supplied eye wash
  • Place in areas where there is a risk of eye contamination
  • Supplied with 10 x 20ml eye wash pods and 2 x eyepads
  • High visibility eye care kit allows easy identification and access
  • Supplied in a durable clear polypropylene box for quick stock checks
  • Dual purpose station ensures bottles are protected from dust
  • Hold under the chin during application to collect excess eyewash
  • Quick and easy relief from eye irritation
  • Contains x4 squeezable bottles that allow controllable flow
  • Acid and alkalis must be quickly neutralised to a pH value equal to the normal level in the eye or on the skin
  • Each station contains two 500ml neutralising eyewash bottles
  • Acid and alkalis must be quickly neutralised to a pH value equal to the normal level in the eye or on the skin
  • Each kit contains two 500ml neutralising eyewash bottles
  • Ensure essential eyewash supplies can be easily located in an emergency
  • Each Eyewash Point is supplied with a stocked Eyewash Kit
  • Ensure essential first aid and eyewash supplies are easily accessible
  • Perfect for higher risk environments
  • Wall mountable rapid response eye wash station
  • Ensure fast & effective reaction to eye injuries
  • Everything you need for eye first aid
  • Exceed the HSE eye wash guidelines today
  • Easy to access and compact eyewash dispenser
  • Wall mountable and easy to remove in emergencies
  • Ensure eye wash is easily accessible and a central focal point in areas with high risk of eye injuries
  • Includes accident book
  • An emergency eye wash kit for any location with a risk of eye injuries
  • Supplied with a quick release wall fixing bracket
  • Ensure emergency eye wash can be quickly located in an emergency
  • Clear instructions for use are printed on the front of the cabinet
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