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Sanitise hard surfaces, hands and equipment with our extensive range of wipes.

Specialist Telephone & Computer Cleaning Wipes are ideal for use where many staff use the same equipment. Pal Clinical Wipes are ideal for cleansing hard surfaces, and Bioguard Wipes can be used on both hands and hard surfaces for added versatility.

  • A range of alcohol free first aid wipes ideal for cleansing the skin around wounds prior to dressings
  • Individually wrapped
  • A range of individually wrapped sterile wipes
  • Sterile wrapped for patient and user safety
  • Individually wrapped alcohol free & safe to use on all age groups
  • Ideal for cleaning wounds & cuts prior to dressing
  • A range of wipes that can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Providing effective and speedy cleaning for busy environments
  • Wipes ideal for rapid cleaning and hand disinfection
  • With built in moisturisers to ensure hands remain soft and supple
  • Medical grade wipes for rapid cleaning and hand disinfection
  • Provide quick and easy cleaning for clinical environments
  • A range of wipes providing light to heavy duty cleaning
  • Suitable for a variety of different surfaces and environments
  • Patient wipes in a range of brands & available with dispensers
  • Antibacterial variety available if required & in a range of sizes
  • Super soft baby wipes infused with camomile and aloe vera
  • Fragrance free and dermatologically tested


It is increasingly recognised that environmental bacteria on surfaces and hands is one of the biggest causes of unnecessary infections, and that keeping things clean and germ-free is more than just a matter of waiting for the janitorial services crew to come round. That's why we stock a large range of wipes, suitable for cleaning and disinfecting tasks in a wide variety of applications, such as:

- Medical cleaning and sanitisation

In hospitals, or in doctors' and dentists' surgeries, it is obviously vital to eliminate germs. Our ranges of clinical wipes can be used not just for cleaning surfaces and equipment, but for other tasks too. Patient wipes can be used to clean skin and wounds before treatment, and medical hand wipes are a convenient alternative to bottles of liquid sanitiser.

- Kitchens and catering

Wipes are more hygienic and convenient than cloths and towels, and can make sure that food spills and other kitchen grime are cleaned up quickly. We have a range of cleaning wipes and floor wipes which are ideally suited to a food preparation environment.

- Industrial cleaning

Industrial wipes can handle the heaviest tasks, like removing paint and grease from tools. Big wipes are also a useful addition to janitorial supplies.

- Office cleaning

Office cleaning wipes are a growth area, as people begin to recognise the importance of maintaining a germ-free environment in the workplace. Did you know that a computer keyboard can harbour as many dangerous germs as a toilet seat? Computers and telephones need to be sanitised regularly, and there are specific products for this purpose; anti-static wipes can help prevent dust from building up on computer screens.

The technology of wipes has got a lot more sophisticated and innovative since the days when there were just baby wipes. Even these have improved - now there are flushable baby wipes that are easy to dispose of - but wipes have developed many more uses. By adding disinfectant and antibacterial chemicals to ordinary water wipes, it is possible to use wipes not just for removing visible dirt, but to get rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi. We have wipes in the following categories:

- Hand wipes

These can be very useful when hand washing facilities are not conveniently located for whatever reason. Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes are one of the leading brands because they come in handy sachets to carry with you. We also have Pal Medical Wipes, which are impregnated with medical grade hand sanitiser.

- Alcohol-free wipes

Most medical hand wipes are known as "alcohol wipes" because they have isopropyl alcohol in them to provide effective sterilisation. We also stock alcohol-free wipes that can be used without sensitising skin, for example to clean a wound before dressing it.

- Disinfectant wipes

These are useful for cleaning hard surfaces, such as those found in kitchens. They also come in alcohol-free varieties. We have specialised disinfecting computer wipes and anti-static wipes for cleaning office equipment too.

- Multi purpose wipes

Although the specialised products will usually be best for their particular applications, we also stock wipes that can be used on hard surfaces as well as on hands.

Wipes are intrinsically a more hygienic solution than using and reusing a cloth on hard surfaces, even if it is combined with a disinfectant spray. They are also much more convenient to carry around, so they tend to be used more frequently. Antibacterial wipes should be an important part of anyone's janitorial supplies. Even ordinary wet wipes are often very useful to have around for general small cleaning tasks. At JustGloves, we have all the best wipe brands in stock, including Clinell, Conti, Aquawash, Bioguard, and Pal. Browse our selection today to find out more.

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Freefax: 0800 1777 119

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