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New products

  • Touch free dispensing system minimises the risk of cross infection
  • Tough and durable construction on 1.5mm rigid plastic
  • An innovative self-directed learning program perfect for teaching CPR and AED use in schools
  • Contents include high quality components suitable for basic first aid training
  • Ideal for schools teaching first aid
  • Perfect for rinsing and cleansing out dirt and debris from eyes and wounds
  • Can be used several times and remains sterile to the last drop
  • Provides high levels of protection for first aiders and casualties
  • Small and compact design is perfect for adding to first aid kits
  • Protects first aiders carrying out CPR by reducing contact between the first aider and casualty
  • Contains two pairs of disposable gloves, two cleansing wipes and a face shield
  • A convenient alternative to cotton wool and antiseptic
  • Each pack contains 40 individually wrapped and sterile wipes
  • Biodegrades at least 10 times faster than conventional nitrile gloves
  • The most affordable biodegradable glove on the UK market
A single use latex free tourniquet - Box of 100
Excellent portability as durable and lightweight
Two tubes connecting the chestpiece to the binaural
  • Provide first aid treatment for injured pets with this compact kit
  • Contains a wide range of first aid supplies
  • Can easily be broken by hand in the case of an emergency
  • Supplied in strips of 10
    • Engage your workforce on all levels in solving safety problems
    • Tough and durable construction on 2mm rigid plastic
    • A legal requirement if you have 10 or more employees
    • Both books reflect the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Robust holder for the GDPR compliant near miss book providing easy access
    • Help workplaces eliminate any avoidable risks to health and safety
    • For reporting, recording and investigating near misses
    • Important to help workplaces eliminate any avoidable risks to health and safety
    • Hypoallergenic construction for sensitive skin
    • Resistant to water and other liquids
    • An easy to use first aid panel suitable for small spaces
    • Ideal for work vehicles
    • A compact design containing a range of first aid items
    • Durable high-quality transparent plastic cover
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