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Glossy whiteboards for non-permanent markings are easily cleaned and used again and again. Perfect for classrooms and board rooms, smaller boards are great for individual workstations or home memo boards.

  • Treated with world leading anti-microbial additive that actively kills 99% of microbes
  • Ideal for public areas such as hospitals, surgeries and schools
  • A simple and conveniently priced non-magnetic whiteboard
  • Lightweight and economical boards, optimized for normal use
  • Attractive and robust black solid pine wood framed whiteboard
  • Lightweight and economic boards, optimized for normal use
  • Professional and ecological earth enamel board with aluminium frame
  • Aluminium contains 80% post consumer and post industrial waste
  • Eco-friendly revolving, mobile whiteboard made from waste materials
  • New contemporary design is stylish and ideal for busy workplaces or schools
  • Special surface allows you to easily write while you use it as a projection screen
  • For meeting rooms, personal workspaces and for training
  • An ideal rotating presentation solution for where space is at a premium
  • The full frame allows for the rotation of the board on either axis
  • Gridded pattern makes it ideal for maths classes
  • Whiteboards that bring life into your meetings, lessons, conferences and training sessions
  • Premium non-magnetic dry erase surface with gridded pattern
  • Slim anodised aluminium frame comes complete with handy pen tray
  • Great for classrooms and meeting rooms, mount vertically or horizontally
  • Bring life into your meetings, lessons and training sessions
  • Drywipe whiteboard has a smooth magnetic drywipe surface and 10 year warranty
  • This small whiteboard is the perfect solution for personal memo boards
  • Simple and practical non-magnetic whiteboard ideal for general use
  • Non-magnetic dry erase surface allows easy writing and then erasing
  • Double sided dry erase whiteboard is plain on one side and gridded on the reverse
  • Bright multi-coloured plastic frame is fun for children
  • Four markers in assorted colours for use with dry wipe whiteboards
  • Bright and longlasting colours - Black, Blue, Green and Red
  • Unique all in one unit combining drywipe eraser and marker pens
  • Non-toxic ink can be left on the board for weeks without damaging the surface
  • Great accessory kit for all dry wipe and magnetic white boards
  • The perfect starter kit for new boards to write, wipe and maintain a magnetic whiteboard
  • Great accessory kit for all dry wipe and non-magnetic white boards
  • The perfect starter kit to write, wipe and maintain a non-magnetic whiteboard
  • An easy way to keep your whiteboards clean and free from marks
  • For regular maintenance of all whiteboards, non-toxic formula will not damage boards
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