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Spill Granules and Powders

  • Instantly absorbs body fluid
  • Size makes Clean Up Sachets ideal for adding to First Aid Kits
  • Absorbs up to 300 times its own weight - 10g cleans most spills
  • An essential for the effective cleaning of body fluid spills
  • Bioguard powders - Clean up spills quickly and effectively
  • For the cleanup of vomit, body fluid spillages and general spills
  • Pads are impregnated with a powder that turns liquids into a gel
  • One pad can absorb and congeal up to 450ml of fluid
  • Super absorbent granules available in a 500g tub or a handy 10g sachet
  • Safely absorbs body fluid spillages such as blood, vomit and urine
  • Ideal for cleaning up body fluid spills with minimal risk of cross infection
  • Odour neutralising powder is ideal for use on urine, vomit and faeces

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