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Trauma & Ambulance Dressings

Bandages with dressings for more severe wounds and lacerations, can be used for providing compression to a wound to stem bleeding. Choose from our standard Ambulance Dressing for a great value option or TraumaFix High Pressure Bandage for a premium quality solution.

  • Velcro style fastening ensures direct pressure is applied
  • Multiple major bleed injuries can be stemmed extremely quickly
  • Highly absorbent, thick wound dressing for severe blood loss
  • Thicker, more absorbent pad provides additional cushioning
  • Designed to manage major bleed trauma
  • Secure in place quickly with a Velcro-style fixing
  • Impregnated with kaolin, to control and accelerate the body's natural clotting ability
  • Conforms readily to wound
  • Trauma dressing with heavy duty compression bandage provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Allow you to halt blood flow from a trauma wound with just one hand
  • With a velcro strap for added security
  • Suitable for covering moderate to severe bleeds
  • Dressing pad is made from 100% Chitosan and is surrounded by a clear adhesive PU film
  • Versatile design provides a two-bandage solution for cleaning, covering and compressing single or multiple wounds
  • Compact design reduces equipment load
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