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Gauze Dressings & Swabs

Our range of swabs includes Propax Non-Sterile Swabs ideal for cleaning the skin around a wound or Multisorb Sterile Gauze Swabs for cleaning a wound prior to dressings. We also have a variety of dressings ideal for dressing wounds, such as our Cuticell Classic Gauze Dressings ideal for burns and bestselling Standard Gauze Dressings for a variety of wounds.

  • Significantly lower fibre release than traditional gauze
  • Soft fibre structure gives excellent cleansing performance
  • Soft high quality cotton gauze swab ideal for wound inspection and cleansing
  • Latex free to reduce allergic reactions
  • Premium quality non-woven gauze swabs from BSN Medical
  • Absorb up to 40% more liquid than traditional woven swabs
  • Sterile wrapped gauze swabs for cleaning and dressing wounds
  • Supplied in packs of 20 envelopes of 5 sterile swabs per pack
  • Soft & abrasive texture ensures a thorough cleansing of wounds
  • Premium quality sterile cotton, latex free, 8ply gauze swabs
  • 100% cotton thread gauze for minor burns, scalds and cuts
  • Sterile dressings in a pack of 10
  • Open weave cotton gauze
  • Suitable for first & second degree burns, lacerations, abrasions and non healing wounds
  • Premium quality, 100% finest cotton, woven swabs from BSN medical
  • Available in sterile wrapped and non-sterile swab varieties

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