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FirstAid4Less is a division of
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FirstAid4Less already offers you the widest range of products at the lowest prices, but if there is a product you would like to see on our site please let us know. Email us today at and we will do all we can to source it for you.

  • Economy clear washproof plasters are resistant to water and other liquids
  • Hypoallergenic and sterile wrapped
  • Fabric plasters in a range of sizes
  • Sterile wrapped plasters allow wound to breathe
  • Updated May 2018 to reflect the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Features revised text and guidance to demonstrate data protection
  • Moist heat transfers the heat deeper and quicker to the required area
  • As Low As £2.95 each
  • Gel bead technology distributes hot or cold temperature evenly
  • As Low As £2.45 each
  • Provides fast acting instant cooling pain relief for muscular aches and strains
  • No refrigeration required
  • Wipes are PHMB and alcohol free
  • For cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces, equipment and non invasive medical devices
  • For fast and effective relief from burns and scalds
  • Cooles and soothes whilst minimising skin damage caused by burns
  • Heat therapy patch provides pain relief and deep muscle relaxation
  • Air activated heat patch will last up to 8 hours
  • Assorted plasters supplied in fabric, waterproof and blue detectable materials
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free
  • Made from health-friendly bamboo, perfect for those affected by eczema
  • Extra long cuffs to cover and protect wrists
  • Ideal for issuing to members of staff
  • Has enough capacity to contain a selection of essential first aid items
  • Offer a cost-effective wipe for budget-conscious customers
  • Same high quality that you expect from leading brand Conti
  • Contains the basic items required for an AED emergency
  • Supplied in a black pouch bag clearly labelled with "AED Prep Kit"
  • Entry level AED allowing your workplace to own a life saving defibrillator at an affordable price
  • Easy to use with or without training
  • Ideal for essentials such as disposable gloves, resuscitation face shields and plasters
  • Has a “tool bag” style fold out design
  • Versatile bag can accommodate a wealth of products
  • Contains adjustable dividers and internal/external pockets
  • Five individually zipped and removable pouches with transparent windows
  • Pouches are colour coded for fast identification of specific items
  • Promotes healing, cools and soothess
  • For effective treatment of minor burns injuries
  • Manufactured from thick carbon steel with the addition of a shatterproof transparent window
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 22cm
  • Sturdy metal bracket is ideal for mounting any AED on a wall
  • Green design helps create a visually striking focal point
  • Supplied with non-adherant dressings for easy, pain-free removal
  • Includes burnfree gel and dressings to help sooth and cool burns
  • Ensure essential first aid supplies can be easily located
  • A visible yet compact focal point for first aid
  • Impregnated with kaolin, to control and accelerate the body's natural clotting ability
  • Conforms readily to wound
  • Trauma dressing with heavy duty compression bandage provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Designed for treating open chest wounds
  • Strong adhesive will seal over hair and blood
  • Great for serving cold drinks
  • Cups are stored inside each other so they take up less space
  • Provides warmth, comfort and dignity to patients
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Generates warmth without the use of a connected heat supply
  • Outer layer provides protection from wind and water
  • Keeps casualties comfortable by minimising heat loss
  • Hooded design provides additional protection in harsh weather
  • Effectively retains heat to keep casualties comfortable
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Designed to reduce the risks of cross contamination
  • AQL 1.5 Medical Grade and chemical resistant
  • Long lasting and easy dispensing solution
  • Holds up to 100 1 litre bowls
  • Ergonomic handle and integrated graduations for measuring liquid
  • 1000ml capacity
  • Perfect for carrying instruments and dressings
  • 900ml capacity
  • Suitable for use as a washing bowl with detergent and warm water
  • 4000ml capacity
  • Provides first aiders with a clear, audible tone, helping maintain the compression rhythm
  • Long-life renewable battery included
  • Pilferproof design reduces unnecessary wastage
  • Wall mounted design allows easy location in an emergency
  • Sterile universal dressing with four functions
  • Pressure pad for heavy bleeding
  • Quick cooling and rapid pain relief for first and second degree burns
  • Also suitable for mosquito bites and sun burn
  • Rapid cooling and effective pain relief for burns
  • Prevents the injury from penetrating the skin deeper
  • Protects and relieves the pain caused by minor burns
  • Promotes faster healing
  • "First Aider" printed front and back
  • Available in a choice of 6 sizes
  • "Fire Marshal" printed front and back
  • Available in a choice of 6 sizes
  • "Visitor" printed front and back
  • Available in a choice of 6 sizes
  • "Security" printed front and back
  • Available in a choice of 6 sizes
  • "Staff" printed front and back
  • Available in a choice of 6 sizes
  • Provides guidance and assurance regarding the use of an AED
  • Suitable for placing next to the location of your workplace AED
  • Made of a soft but tough stretchy Nitrile material
  • GN91 was developed to give increased sensitivity and dexterity
  • Versatile and dexterous glove useful across a wide range of industries
  • Suitable in dry, wet and oily working environments
  • Items can be stored across any of 14 compartments
  • A padded lining offers additional protection to your first aid items
  • High quality range of pre-printed Lanyards for displaying ID cards or attaching keys
  • Add a professional touch to staff representation
  • Provides great protection against the elements
  • Available in sizes small to large
  • Bio-Degradable and compostable nappy sacks are fragrance free
  • Environmentally-friendly nappy disposal
  • Includes a clean-up kit for the effective clean-up of body fluid
  • Robust carry case with an integrated carry handle
    • Easy to access and compact eyewash dispenser
    • Wall mountable and easy to remove in emergencies
    • For the safe disposal of non-infections offensive waste
    • Offer strong tear and impact resistance
    • An emergency eye wash kit for any location with a risk of eye injuries
    • Supplied with a quick release wall fixing bracket
    • Ensure emergency eye wash can be quickly located in an emergency
    • Clear instructions for use are printed on the front of the cabinet
    • A buffered eye wash which has a neutralising effect on splashes to the eye from acids and alkalis
    • Controlled flow will direct eye wash into the eye
    • Will aid the removal, containment and disposal of discarded syringes and needles
    • Evolution kit is housed in a durable orange plastic case
    • Includes burns dressings and sachets to cool, soothe and halt the burns process
    • Supplied in an easy to identify and recognisable red case
    • Fully compliant with the BS8599-1 standard for catering first aid kits
    • Includes blue plasters, essential in any food handling environment
    • Records must be kept safe to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998
    • An accident folder is the ideal way to catalogue completed accident report forms
    • Gentle cushioning and protection to help prevent and protect blisters
    • Hydrocolloid plasters work like an additional layer of skin
    • Cardboard dispenser box provides a low cost option for the wall mounting of sterile eye wash
    • 0.9% sterile saline solution
    • Cardboard dispenser box provides a low cost option for the wall mounting of sterile eye wash
    • Contains 2 x 500ml bottles of eye wash
    • Ensure eye wash is always readily available within ease of reach
    • Green nylon case features a webbing belt loop and Velcro closure for secure fastening
    • Ensure a hygienic barrier is created during CPR training
    • Ideal for training venues and first aid courses
    • Suitable for covering moderate to severe bleeds
    • Dressing pad is made from 100% Chitosan and is surrounded by a clear adhesive PU film
    • A portable and lightweight kit which is easy to store
    • Red nylon bag features velcro on the base so it stays securely in place
    • Eyewash pods provide minimal wastage compared to larger eyewash bottles
    • Each box contains 25 x 20ml eye wash pods
    • Manufactured from a tough stretchy nitrile material that enhances dexterity and sensitivity
    • Chemical resistant, food safe and medical grade
    • Provide a unique one step solution to cleanse, moisturise and protect
    • Help calm skin, soothe itching and aid skin healing
    • Easy to use with just one button operation
    • Memory capacity of 90 readings
    • Extra large LCD display with a memory of 120 readings
    • 2 year guarantee
    • Easy to read blood pressure monitor with a large LCD display
    • Irregular heart beat detector
    • Accurate, compact and ergonomic digital ear thermometer
    • Accurate measurements in 1 second
    • Economical thermometer that is suitable for a variety of uses
    • Last memory reading
    • Flexible tip for increased user comfort
    • Last memory reading
    • Inform employees of their rights and obligations under Health and Safety Law
    • Mounted on heavy duty 2mm plastic backing
    • Sturdy polypropylene base with a strong detachable ABS stem
    • Stackable for easy storage
    • Convenient cleansing for patients’ hands and face
    • Soft, strong and dermatologically tested wipes
    • Unique combination of cleansers to leave skin feeling moist and soft
    • Perfumed and unperfumed options available
    • Pre-impregnated with a mild shampoo and conditioner
    • No rinsing is required and the hair dries in minutes
    • Proven to be safe to flush, minimising the risk of blockages
    • Soft, strong and highly absorbent, ideal for tough messes
    • Use to create bespoke, compact first aid kits
    • Separate window section in lid for small items

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